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How to Track Social Media For Marketing Campaigns

With 77% of American adults having at least one social media account, tracking your competitors’ social media activity is essential for ensuring lifestylefun your business is reaching your target consumers. This article provides information on how to track social media for marketing campaigns and how to determine the impact of your efforts. Using a tool like Sprout Social, you can easily cross-post and monitor your competitors’ social media campaigns. To get a clearer picture of the results you’re seeing, try a free trial trendingbird.

Once you’ve set up your tracking codes, you’ll want to determine how to categorize social media traffic. Google Analytics can help you identify which sources are driving traffic to your website. To track social media traffic, use the Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium report. Here, you’ll see social media traffic grouped by channel and source. You can even view a breakdown partyguise of traffic based on the number of followers a particular channel has.

Social media analytics can be difficult to interpret, so it’s important to know how to track them. There are numerous metrics that you can track, but focus on a few to ensure your efforts are the best ones. Pageviews are the most basic and fundamental analytic, but they’re crucial for social media marketing. Without views, your content won’t accomplish much. With Google Analytics, you can easily track pageviews.

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