How to Fix PUBG Ping

PUBG ping is an annoying problem that plagues many players of the popular battle royale game practies. While you might have a fast internet connection, you may still experience high ping. Depending on your connection, you may need to make some adjustments to your WiFi settings. To do this, look for the Advanced Settings tab and then change the Traffic mode to “Extreme” to lower your ping. Now that you know how to fix PUBG ping, you can start playing without any problems!

If the ping is too high, you should first try to reduce the amount of data you’re using lovoo. Uninstalling any unnecessary apps from your mobile device can decrease the amount of data you’re using. It’s also important to turn off background data, which is often consumed by apps installed with your phone. Turning off background data should fix your high MS issue, but if you are still experiencing high ping, you should wait for an official fix before attempting any of these steps edunewszone.

If your ping is still high after enabling the microphone, you may need to disable the mic completely newspedias. While it may seem like a simple fix, it’s important to remember that the microphone is an important part of the game and should be disabled unless you’re actually communicating with your teammates. If you’re not using the microphone, you may want to consider the Push to Talk feature in the game’s settings. This feature allows you to communicate to your teammates while holding the microphone button. This will solve your ping issue net worth, but you may have to disable the microphone altogether newsinsightz.

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