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Hand Operated Chaff Cutter

A hand operated chaff cutter is a small mechanical device that cuts through forage and chops it up. It requires one hand to move the cutting blade, the other to push the feed through a tray. Densipaper This curved cutting blade chops fodder as the forage is laid on an anvil. This process is labor-intensive, which is one of the reasons why large farms don’t opt for this type of machine. A chaff cutter’s RPM is 35 while the industrial models have a RPM of over 1000 lifestylemission.

The manual system chaff cutter is lightweight and portable and is ideal for small farms and home dairies with a small forage requirement. Since it lacks a mechanized belt system, it requires manual feeding and delivery. Manual feed choppers require manual feeding. This method is less productive and often results in wastage. Nevertheless, it is getliker an affordable option for a small farm. It is useful for cutting straw, wheat, and grass.

A hand operated chaff cutter has many magazines2day advantages over its mechanical counterpart. Besides cutting fodder efficiently, it can reduce wastage. For example, it has a wide range of blade lengths and can process different types of fodder. It also produces lower noise and has a longer service life. Unlike the mechanical counterpart, the hand operated chaff cutter runs on physical power, which is far more affordable for small farmers ventsmagazine.

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