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Florida RDP Evaluation

In the past few years, the Florida RDP has been implemented in several counties. Its success has been directly linked to the success of a rural transportation program. Its goal is to make the Florida roads safer for all motorists, regardless of race or economic status. The RDP was designed to achieve this by targeting certain areas for implementation and improvement. The RDP focuses on 36 counties in the northern half of Florida, which collectively represent approximately 20 percent of the State’s population. It also includes six market areas, and the resulting analysis was based on this data.

The RDP focuses on rural areas and involves intensive enforcement with public relations and advertising. The citation rates are high during the three initial waves, but decrease in subsequent waves. This difference is largely attributable to the fact that the first wave of enforcement activities resulted in higher citation rates. By contrast, subsequent waves of enforcement were relatively low and only affected a small percentage of counties. Regardless of where the citations were issued, the RDP was a very successful way to increase law enforcement awareness stylishster.

The evaluation also found that the media coverage of the RDP was higher than the CIOT. RDP media coverage increased tenfold in the targeted areas, while CIOT coverage declined tenfold. Moreover, the overall RDP-related news stories per million people were higher than CIOT coverage. In comparison, the RDP was more effective in rural areas, with an average of five to nine stories per million residents Tishare .

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