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Cotton Candy Machine For Sale on OLX

If you’re looking for a cheap cotton candy machine for sale on OLX, it’s important to consider its size and how much space it will require. Some machines can produce three to four cotton candy per minute while others will take much longer. It’s best to choose a machine with higher productivity, as it will give you higher profits and prevent long queues at your store. Moreover, a smaller cotton candy machine is easier to store and will fit better with your decor.

Cotton candy machines come in different models, from portable to commercial. Some machines are easy to operate, while others are complicated. These machines typically require sugar to create the mouth-watering treat. They are also usually easy to clean and require only a little effort on your part. You can use a food processor or blender to prepare the sugar and use it to make delicious cotton candy. Just remember to use food-grade sugar and a toothpick to wind the threads.

If you want to sell cotton candy, invest in a high-end commercial machine. You can find a machine for as little as 160 reais online. Look for one with LED lights and music. They also tend to be easy to maintain and have easy-to-find replacement parts. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, opt for a simple, portable model. These machines are great for home production and for starting a business, but they don’t produce huge amounts. Professional machines are available for much higher output and can produce three to four cottons per minute.

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