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Broad Spectrum Antivirals

Despite their high price, broad spectrum antivirals have been the focus of research for many years. In order to develop a broad spectrum antiviral that is effective against a wide range of viruses, basic research on viral replication is needed. These compounds are able to target several types of viruses and, in some cases, even kill them. Moreover, their broad spectrum of activity allows for a wider therapeutic window and better value for money.

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The design of broad spectrum antivirals can be based on the synthesis of viral fusion proteins. They also target lipids and membranes of host cells. These agents can either inhibit the fusion of viral particles or destroy their host cell. This makes broad spectrum antivirals useful for fighting viral infections. These drugs have many other uses, ranging from treating high blood pressure and certain neurological disorders to treating Alzheimer’s disease.

These drugs may be used to treat a variety of different infectious diseases, from colds and flu to AIDS. ARB and NTZ are approved by the FDA to fight Giardia lamblia. They are also being tested against influenza viruses in global Phase III clinical trials. Further, they are being investigated as a potential treatment for a variety of diseases, including viral infections. But there are some limitations in their use. Broad spectrum antivirals should be designed with both clinical and safety profiles in mind.

The most promising antivirals are those with a novel MOA. These include membrane-intercalating photosensitizers and sterol-binding agents. Moreover, these compounds are capable of inhibiting viral membrane fusion at low concentrations. These compounds may be used as broad spectrum antivirals in the future. The potential side effects of these drugs vary widely, depending on the severity of the infection and the availability of more effective treatment options.

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